Durian Daze

It all started with the biggest plane I’ve ever been on, which became the single longest flight I’ve ever taken, ending in the hottest weather I’ve EVER experienced: 46 degrees Celsius. Singapore is the first stop in my Singapore/Australia/New Zealand tour- I’m performing One Man Lord of the Rings here until Sunday the 23rd, at […]

3RRR Radio Interview

Here’s a fun radio interview I did in Melbourne.

What's up with Down Under

Australia 2011? You have to be kidding? You, who? Yoo hoo? No. You. Who. Okay, enough of that- I finally get to tour One Man Lord of the Rings down under. I’ve had three tours of One Man Star Wars around Oz, and every time I’ve flown away I wonder: “will I ever see Australia again?” […]


The word is out: “Funnier than you could possibly imagine” – Spin Magazine. “Immediately accessible…it was great” Conan O-Brien. “You had better start investing in a light saber” – The New York Times.

New Videos

Dogs, Horses , Sheep, and Chickens

We jammed ourselves, once more, into the BMW, and headed down that misty road in search of another show. And we could be any happier if we tried. On tour, as John C said from the driver’s seat: “every day is just: another day, another kettle.” I pondered that thought, looked at down at my […]

And now… for something completely familiar

Well, long time no Blog. I’m sure the world has continued to rotate in spite of my laziness. I’m happy to report that since my last post, I’ve had at a thousand offers for Viagra and other potency/male enhancing meds. All of which I’ve ingested, resulting in a slight growth on the side of my […]

The Sun Rises

Had some interesting times in the latter part of last week. I had left you on my way to Basingstoke. Some people mistakenly pronounce the name as: Bah-sin-stow-kee. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it: what? We performed at the Haymarket Theatre, which is a fantastic space to work in, […]

Over the Hump

It started out in Barrow (see above), a town on England’s north west coast. It’s a lovely place to be a duck, swan, or goose. What a beautiful sunny day Tuesday was: Of course a sunny day spent on train platforms is like a Belgium chocolate coated beer-cap. I shouldn’t complain about train platforms- nobody’s forced […]

Fighting Pheasants, Red Socks, and the Muppet

Blogging is like “Life” as described by Monty Python: a game, where we make up the rules, while we’re searching for something to say. The only guarantee of blogging is Spam- makes me think of Spamalot. I never actually saw the musical but loved the Holy Grail movie. This country has so many varieties, its […]