Is There Anybody Out There?

Cold, damp and slightly overcast: it must be February in the UK.

One Man Lord of the Rings is marching to every corner of this fine island- it’s the first time I’ve toured it outside of North America. 47 cities in two months! I’m sure Iron Maiden has had tougher touring schedules that this- but were they lugging around 100 lbs of stuff?

This blog might help me distinguish one day from another. The trains, sandwiches and hotels are already blurring together. I’m getting by on short-term memory: room numbers, directions to the theatre, and “where’s the Marks and Spencers?”. I only retain odd details like: the B&B cat that brought me a dead mouse as a present, or the landlord who resembled a human root vegetable, and the hotel elevator that smell of iced tea, perfume, and mustard.

I’ve arrived in Margate today for our Saturday night show at the Theatre Royal. When we got here it was bright and sunny- now the fog is so intense that I can hardly see the traffic from my second storey window. How the heck I’m to navigate my way back to the theatre, who knows? It’s the first time I’ve ever been here.

Post-show Margate: good show, great theatre, microphone stopped working in the middle of Two Towers, but I grabbed my spare and soldiered on. Oh, and the opening comic didn’t show up for the gig. Heh. Live theatre- I love it!

3 Responses

  1. Mark Newbold says:

    My good buddy Jason saw the show on Friday and loved it. In fact, I was the guy you left the answer message for (see you in Lichfield, Jason is coming up foir the show, 4 hours on the train with 3 connections for him – that’s dedication!)
    Yep, you really should come to the UK in the summer, much better and the beer flows easier too.
    I interviewed you for my old site, Lightsabre, back in 2008 so it will be cool to catch up again on the 25th!

  2. mat reed says:

    hey charlie hope its going well. who didnt show up who you got touring with you? wish i was there fella