Diss is what I'm talking about

I woke up very early in Reading, because it struck me that I was staying at the Reading Rainbow Hotel. Reading Rainbow is an American children’s show on PBS, it’s about- funny enough- reading. Reading, the town, is actually pronounced like the past tense of “read”- I just found it funny at 4am. Then I remembered that […]

Accommodation and then some.

Sometimes on the road you’re lucky enough to find that kind of B&B or Hotel where they just get everything right. You want to become a spokesperson for their place. Obviously the place I’ve stayed at for the last couple of nights has more than filled the bill. The breakfast was awesome- tons of choices. […]

Day Off We Go

It was supposed to a day off. A jaunty train journey, a few photos, ending at the B&B, in Camberley. Maybe there’ll be time for a nice stroll around when I get there. I thought, nestled snuggly in ignorance. Ha, ha, hahhhhhaaaaaaa! cackled the Rain Clouds as they high-fived the Train System. This fool will suffer! […]

Swindon to Leicester- Where's the love?

February 13, 2010 The sun pokes out of the clouds and suddenly the day ignites. I’m usually stuck on the train when this happens. When it does, the passing towns transform into romantic, Shire-like villages, filled with Hobbity types who live in perfect harmony with their land, their radio telescopes, and their nuclear power plants. […]

Is It Worth It In Worthing?

I’m tired today. I blame the very comfy bed and yummy breakfast. I felt satisfied and wanted to sleep another night in that bed. Alas! I had to leave, and sadly, I said goodbye to sweet my boy: Max. It was a four train hop to Worthing and was it ever worth it. What a […]

Little Hero Max

Tonight is the Southend show at the Palace Theatre, I assume around 7:30pm. If anyone cares I went to the at the dentist this morning. He was the FASTEST dentist in entire world. The process of getting a new filling etc. cannot have taken more than fifteen minutes. No injection, no small talk, he had […]

Lucky Day?

Grantham – Crawley Funny how some of the most trying days begin so early: this morning I was kicked off a BBC radio interview by the hotel staff so that they could use the hotel’s phone to book a cab. Turns out that the cab in question was being booked for me, at my Tour […]

Newton in Brine

I woke up this morning to see a bluish sky above Stevenage. It’s amazing how even just a little bit of sun can make all of the difference. I got on the train and sat in the first class car because I have a dandy BritRail train pass. It gives me non-stop travel for thirty […]

Miles, Mikes, and Cabbages

Strawberry Fields got stuck in my head (big time) yesterday. I was on the train from to -and there were fields of cabbages. Miles and miles, as far as I could see- or kilometers and kilometers, which never sounds as impressive- or hundreds of thousands of millimeters. I tried to get you photographic proof of […]

Photos So Far (well, just a few)

I tried to add some photos to my first UK post, but wordpress didn’t like them. Let’s see if they like these: The train stations here are beautiful in a horrible iron and perma-dirty kind of way. Christine, my Tour Manager, is so excited about touring the UK on the train. What a chance to […]